Breastfeeding MUST HAVE – Haakaa

001_1__listAs a first time mom with not many friends that have babies, most of what I find or learn is due to the great old Internet. Around 3 months after Baby Viking was born, I began to start seeing posts about the Haakaa in my favorite Facebook group for September 2016 Babies. Boy oh boy,  how I wish I knew about this sooner! I probably would have stock piled enough milk for multiple babies!

When you first give birth and begin to nursing, you leak. Most of the leaking for me occurred when I was nursing from the breast that was not receiving any attention. As the let down was happening for my son, the opposite breast was also letting down and my nursing pads were drenched by the end of the feeding.

The Haakaa is a silicone breast pump that simply suctions to your breast. It’s hands free and all that it does is suction to you! So as you are nursing your little one, you attach this bad boy and it catches your let down! No more wet nursing pads and no more wasted milk. Alongside, this is the perfect way to increase your freezer stash of milk without constantly having to pump. Whoever designed this is a genius!

Another great use for this is during those rare nights that baby sleeps more than expected. Instead of whipping out the cords and cables with your pump, just suction and you can hand express directly into this and quickly make your way back to bed. Genius again!

I will say that when I first started using this, I was getting about 3-4ozs of milk per feeding. Now as expected, my supply has adjusted to Baby Viking needs and am no longer over producing so I get about 1oz-2oz each session depending on the time of day. Either way, I’m still increasing the stash for the days that I have to go someplace without baby or can’t nurse for whatever reason.

Haakaa is compact, easy to clean and inexpensive. The only thing I would complain about if I just had to criticize something is that the measurements are off. I only noticed this once someone in my FB group mentioned it. Otherwise, I was always just looking at how much I had once I poured into a regular bottle.

If for whatever reason, you just can’t figure out how it works – feel free to search YouTube. You’ll find plenty of reviews and how to videos. You won’t find me or my boobs there but you will figure it out!

You can purchase the Haakaa from Amazon here or from the original Haakaa website here. Please note, there are copy cat Haakaas out there but this is the original one – the one I have and can personally recommend.

Please also note that I am not getting any profit from this review and recommendation. I simply want to help other moms out there who have no idea that some of these products exist and can make life a tad bit easier.


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