Breastfeeding MUST HAVE – Haakaa

001_1__listAs a first time mom with not many friends that have babies, most of what I find or learn is due to the great old Internet. Around 3 months after Baby Viking was born, I began to start seeing posts about the Haakaa in my favorite Facebook group for September 2016 Babies. Boy oh boy,  how I wish I knew about this sooner! I probably would have stock piled enough milk for multiple babies!

When you first give birth and begin to nursing, you leak. Most of the leaking for me occurred when I was nursing from the breast that was not receiving any attention. As the let down was happening for my son, the opposite breast was also letting down and my nursing pads were drenched by the end of the feeding. Continue reading “Breastfeeding MUST HAVE – Haakaa”


Baby Viking’s Story

My nesting was in full force, I was cleaning probably way more than I should have been and nagging my husband to put the finishing touches on our son’s nursery. The theme is travel and I finally got him to hang up the world map we were using as an accent piece. As I sat there in most comfortable glider imagining how our life was going to change at the end of the month, I had no idea we would be bringing our Baby Viking home the very next week.

FYI My son’s name is Szymon but throughout this blog I’ll be referring to him more frequently as Baby Viking. We have a fascination with Vikings, even the show, as it was one of the first we watched as a couple almost 3 years ago. Szymon’s middle name is Ragnar, also derived from a historical Viking. Follow him on Instagram – babyviking.

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Back With Even More Love

Merely a year and a half ago I had all intentions of blogging about anything and everything related to wedding planning. Well, in that short time I found out I was pregnant and have been blessed with our little baby Viking. He’s already 6 months old! As an adult, time surely does fly by quickly unlike those days in elementary school where they never ended and you just counted down ’til summer break.

Now that my life has changed immensely, the concept of this blog has also changed. I have been thinking about blogging during every moment I have to myself (mostly only in the shower and as my eyes close for the night before baby wakes up crying!). So I am extremely psyched to finally have a beautiful logo and update the theme a bit. I’ll be blogging about the blessings, struggles, my experiences and of course doing reviews of baby things and even household things! I’m a stay at home mom now so sometimes I have all these adult thoughts in my head that baby Viking just doesn’t want to hear about, this is the perfect gateway for me to share! I’ll also regularly be posting on the Sparkled With Love Facebook with live videos so I can get ideas of what you want to read about!

I’m an open book and I want this blog to be honest and uncensored. There have been so many things I had to Google or ask in forums to complete strangers. I’m grateful that such avenues exist, I don’t know how parents did it before the Internet! Our friends don’t really have babies and we come from small families in which our baby is the first so answers to some of our struggles have been hard to come by! It’s been an exciting journey! With that said, I’ll still post some reviews of our wedding vendors and experiences since that definitely was one of the best days of my life! Thank you for continuing to be a part of my journey and for reading my blog!

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Credit to Sylvester Design & Graphics for the gorgeous logo and revamp! Thank you for getting my blog back into gear and helping with the technical aspect.