Weddings are nothing like they were 20 years ago due to advancements in technology and various fads. You very rarely will spot a disposable camera at a wedding. It’s rare to even spot a regular camera unless it’s the actual wedding photographer with it. Guests take pictures on their phones and immediately post them to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I don’t blame anyone, who wants to wait months upon months to see pictures of themselves with their wedding couples? We want them now!

With this new obsession of letting the world know where you are and showing your friends the glamorous wedding you are at – it’s absolutely essential to make a wedding hashtag! With this wedding hashtag; your guests can snap pictures, use your hashtag in the caption and wham bam those pictures will go into a bundle of all pictures that guests have taken. This is great because you don’t have to be Facebook friends with all the guests to see some great moments that you may have missed! For example, does anyone notice the wedding cake cutting anymore? You were probably eating your delicious soup but the table right next to the cake was capturing the groom messing up the bride’s makeup.

You can place your #weddinghashtag where you place your name cards on some fancy sign or make it part of your centerpiece. Make sure to let your guests know your hashtag!

Use an easy to remember hashtag, if possible use a play on words. Make your hashtag something memorable. If you have no creative bones in your body, check out WeddingWire’s hashtag generator.

I’m stuck in between two for our wedding. One featuring our nicknames and the other due to my future last name having a very close resemblance to a popular family in today’s society.


Happy Hash-tagging on this beautiful Friday!


2 thoughts on “#hashtagyourwedding

  1. Thank you so much Lenore! As technology keeps creating fads, we must keep up with it! With a hastag, you don't have to follow everyone at the wedding & don't have to be creepy befriending people! It's a fantastic way to get all aspects of the wedding, especially if you can't make it to the ceremony or reception. Or would even like to see what is going on before the official festivities!


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