Welcome to my Wedding Planning Frustrations

As early as I can remember, weddings put a smile on my face. Every aspect of a wedding made me giddy as the fairytale stories from my childhood of never-ending love sparked happiness in my heart and soul. As a child, I went to numerous weddings and all the traditions absolutely enticed me. As reality television took over our flat screens, I, like any female could not get enough of the wedding dress shows or David Tutera’s master planning skills. Now with Pinterest, almost every girl has her wedding envisioned before she even meets her soulmate.

Wedding planning is a full-time job especially if you are doing it on your own. Take it from me, engaged on Christmas Eve of 2014 and now I am 127 days from our wedding date and at this point I don’t know left from right. After numerous decisions, I can’t even remember if I love sparkle anymore. Just kidding, I’ll forever love sparkle. Don’t take my sparkle away from me.

I wanted to start this blog as a way for other brides to know that they aren’t alone. As a way to get advice out there to other ladies who are googling “I’m engaged, now what?” or “I’m 4 months away from my wedding and I started with pink as my color scheme and now I have lime green dresses”. Wedding planning is overwhelming but luckily, the internet is now there for us for all our questions. More importantly, I wanted a keepsake for myself to treasure in the future. I, also need an avenue to vent and release those wedding planning stresses. Alongside, when I entered college my major was English so I’ve always fancied writing and wanted to bring it back into my life.

This is entry one and I welcome you into the midst of my wedding planning frustrations!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Wedding Planning Frustrations

  1. It certainly helps to have someone before you shine a light in the direction you should go….especially if you've never planned something like this before. Blogging about your experience will definitely help brides who come after you.


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